Deep Purple 1991-09-26 Athens 1991 (Shades)

Deep Purple
PAO Stadium
Athens, Greece

Athens 1991
Shades 1274

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original bootleg discs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Intro
102 Burn
103 Black Night – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll – Child In Time
104 Truth Hurts
105 The Cut Runs Deep – Hush
106 Perfect Strangers
107 Fire In The Basement
108 Hey Joe
109 Love Conquers All
201 Difficult To Cure
202 Keyboard Solo
203 Knocking At Your Back Door
204 Lazy
205 Highway Star
206 Smoke On The Water – Drum Solo – Woman From Tokyo

Artwork included.

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4 thoughts on “Deep Purple 1991-09-26 Athens 1991 (Shades)

  1. Thanks for share! Any chance for this: Ozzy Osbourne – Ultimate Barks Tokyo 1984 [ZODIAC 372]

    Black Sabbath – Definitive Costa Mesa 1992 [ZODIAC 380]

  2. The public is extremely noisy, they are delighted with the presentation of Deep Purple, but they cannot listen to the songs. Too bad, it’s a concert that I wanted to enjoy. Joe Lyn Turner’s voice is poor, without emotion.
    Listen to it at your own risk.

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