Deep Purple 1994-06-26 Swiss Rage (Shades)

Deep Purple
Open Air
Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

Swiss Rage
Shades 279

Audience recordings

Extracted to FLAC from original bootleg discs via EZ CD Audio Converter

Long Version
101 Ramshackle Man
102 Maybe I’m A Leo
103 Fireball
104 Perfect Strangers
105 Pictures Of Home
106 Keyboard Solo
107 Knocking At Your Back Door
108 Anyone’s Daughter
109 Guitar Intro
110 Anya
201 The Battle Rages On
202 When A Blind Man Cries
203 Lazy
204 Drums Solo
205 Satch Boogie
206 Space Truckin’
207 Woman From Tokyo
208 Paint It Black
209 Speed King
210 Smoke On The Water

Edit Version 1: The Battle Rages On Fireball
301 Ramshackle Man
302 Maybe I’m A Leo
303 Fireball
304 Perfect Strangers
305 Pictures Of Home
306 Keyboard Solo
307 The Battle Rages On
308 When A Blind Man Cries
309 Speed King
310 Smoke On The Water

Edit Version 2: Fireball Over Switzerland (Remaster)
401 Ramshackle Man
402 Maybe I’m A Leo
403 Fireball
404 Perfect Strangers
405 Pictures Of Home
406 Keyboard Solo
407 Knocking At Your Back Door
408 The Battle Rages On
409 When A Blind Man Cries
410 Speed King
411 Smoke On The Water

Artwork included.

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9 thoughts on “Deep Purple 1994-06-26 Swiss Rage (Shades)

  1. These are not audiencerecordings, but soundboard recordings from Swiss FM-radiobroadcast. This a great show with Satriani on guitar, playing faster and more inspired than Ritchie Blackmore did on the same tour. He showed to be superior to his successor Steve Morse. First liveversions of Pictures of Home and When a Blind Man Cries. This is essential for Deep Purplefans!

    1. I beg to differ. Satriani playing faster than Blackmore, maybe, playing more inspired, I don’t think so. Just check out how Blackmore developed a little phrase he would play in “Black night” in Mannheim and then Stuttgart in 1993. After Stuttgart that little phrase disappeared again and he played something else. That was spontaneous. Satriani obviously received the Stuttgart recording to get fit for the Japanese tour in December 1993. That little phrase appeared there each night the way Blackmore played it. Blackmore’s and Lord’s spontaneity was the essence of Purple and it was eroded after Blackmore left. Satriani and Morse are certainly more consistent than Blackmore, I’ll give you that. But I can still not get my head around the fact that the band maintains in interviews that the band are supposedly so spontaneous in the Morse era, while most of that disappeared rather quickly. Rant over, sorry. Err, no this is not essential for me as a Purple-with-Blackmore fan. You might never have guessed, 🙂 But those are FM recordings, true, all lacking the set opener for whatever weird reason. It was never transmitted I suppose.

  2. Thank you very much for returning Deep Purple to Purple Hippies 🙂
    Much appreciate!!!

  3. Many thanks… this will replace a much shorter version of the show that i have… as for the Blackmore/Satriani debate.. yes Satriani is more clinical with his playing, but blackmore (when at his best) had more feeling…. just my opinion…

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