New FF Data Pack Added, and My Return

A quick update tonight:

I have just purchased a new 5 TB data pack on my FileFactory account — which means that FF downloads from my site will be faster, for the foreseeable future.

I will return to posting actively, at least for now.

I mentioned my parents health problems earlier this year. Overall, I am not sure that things have really changed. For my dad, his situation has not changed. My mom and her cancer, well, we hope that things have improved, with surgery and various treatments she has undergone this year.

But at least for the moment, I am going to return to posting bootlegs here (and at Gullveig).

20 thoughts on “New FF Data Pack Added, and My Return

  1. Great to hear from you my friend. I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts. Have a wonderful holiday season and upcoming new year.

  2. Glad to see you back, thanks for the heads up. I am sorry to hear about your parents’ health problems. Fingers crossed your mom will be able to beat the cancer and both will recover as much as humanly possible. All the best to you. I know that supporting one’s parents can be difficult and challenging in many respects.

  3. My father died long time ago after a short illness but mother died from lung cancer in set 2019 after 5 years of battle. A battle I knew she would never win. After she passed I knew 2 things for sure: I would do everything again and there’s nothing I could do better or different. In another words, cherish the time you still got with your mom (and your loved ones), keep you head above the water but don’t forget you are still here (believe me the last is the tricky one)

  4. Good to Know you are OK… So sorry to hear of your parents ill heath. Having dealt with similar issues in the past I am sending you good wishes for recovery and good health. Take care…

  5. My mother died just a little while ago. Everything that happens is just overwhelming and I completely agree with Renato. I’m glad you’re back for the time being, but I could also very well understand if you couldn’t carry on. All the more I greatly appreciate what you have done for us and are continuing to do for us.

  6. Nice to see you back. I am going through the same with two elderly and frail parents so I understand what you’re going through. My best wishes to you.

  7. Hello. Thanks for letting us know about your parents’ situation. Hope everybody will be alright, finally.

  8. It saddens me to hear about your parents, I will say a prayer for them and my best wishes to them, I am very far from their home (I live in Argentina) but I firmly believe in good vibes

  9. I can only send you my good wishes that everything goes well, everyone who has gone through this knows how difficult it is.

  10. Hello friend! It’s good to hear from you, although what happened to your parents is unfortunate. Thank you for coming back to the site and regarding your parents, you just have to ask God for the necessary strength. I want everything to go in the best way. Huge greetings!

  11. My thoughts with you and your parents; glad to have you back as I’ve greatly enjoyed listening to some of your fabulous collection over the last few months – Thank you

  12. It is great that in this world of shit that people still do support each other, and my hopes are with you and your parents that their health improves. Let’s hope 2023 is a better one for everybody.

    A few months ago I enquired about whether you might have laid your hands on the Reel To Reel soundboard circulating of the California Jam show in 74 for Purple. The Sabbath one is pretty epic and what I have briefly heard of the Purple version it certainly sounds better than the official with extra bits. The source seems to be from a totally different feed. What would be your views on posting it?

    All the best for 2023!

  13. My father passed away from colon cancer 20 years ago.
    My mother is also elderly and suffers from dementia, but is in good health.
    I hope she spends the New Year taking care of your health.
    I also expect new uploads. from Japan.

  14. Hello my friend happy for your return!
    I know it must be difficult for you, but I wish positive energy for you and your family;

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