Deep Purple 1969-08-24 Hilversum 3 FM Nachtleven – Paradiso Amsterdam Holland


Paradiso (6 day pop festival)

SOURCE: hilversum 3 fm, vpro, “nachtleven”, rebroadcasted in 1998
RECORDING: analogue cable fm > revox b260 tuner > pioneer d05 dat (sp w/ 48khz)
TRANSFER: tascam da-302 dat > aura cables for digi clone > tascam ssr1 > nero wave editor (tracking) > flac level 8
TOTAL: 16:22


01 Announcement In Dutch
02 Kneel And Pray
03 Child In Time

Difference to whats known in previous editions are the Dutch announcement at start and a little outro jingle at the end of Child In Time. Its nice and clear, as i believe from the 1998 rebroadcast on that radio station, maybe mostly for completists.

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