Some new arrivals…

A new Darker Than Blue release of Deep Purple in Osaka in 1985. Two Zodiac Heaven And Hell bootlegs; a Zodiac version of Black Sabbath’s 2013 OzzFest concert in Japan. These four bootlegs are ‘brand new’.

Two Rainbow releases of 1980s concerts; two Black Box Rainbow bootlegs Of 2018 & 2019 concerts. Two 89-90 Sabbath boots on Lost And Found…

I will start posting these soon…

Summer Vacation

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! As you can all see, I am spending less time online. Perhaps even less than I expected — but earlier in June, I pretty much suspended all “quotas” about how frequently I would post new bootlegs.

For those who may be interested, I am enjoying ice skating this summer. While that may seem strange as a summertime activity, in the southwest United States (where I live), *indoor* ice skating is quite popular. I have been enjoying skating with several friends 4-5 nights a week!!!

The ‘soft opening’ of

I am launching a new blog for non-Purple bootlegs:

This is a “soft opening” announcement (as they would say in the restaurant industry)–so far there are only two bootlegs posted. Most days of the week, I will be posting at least one bootleg there.

It is likely that Michael Schenker and solo Ozzy Osbourne bootlegs will move to SpinsterBootlegs…

In the near term, I plan to post weekly “digest” posts here on PurpleHippies, listing links to new bootlegs posted on SpinsterBootlegs.

The Current Request Queue…

I have fallen sick this week… So no posts for a couple of more days.

I just want to acknowledge the requests in my queue:

  • DIO – California Trilogy 1983 (Shades)
  • DIO – Hammersmith Trilogy (Shades)
  • Ozzy Osbourne Soundboard Masters Vol. 1 & 2 (Zodiac)

At the risk of being overwhelmed by more requests, feel free to add additional requests in the comments. (Keep in mind, I am sick, so there will be a delay in responding.)

Please make *specific* requests. Not something like “any Rainbow from the 1980s” 😉

Rainbow 1995-11-11 Moon In Yoyogi (Shakuntala)

Yoyogi Olympic Pool
Tokyo, Japan

Moon In Yoyogi

Audience recording (2 source edit)

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Land Of Hope And Glory – Over The Rainbow
102 Spotlight Kid
103 Too Late For Tears
104 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll – Black Night
105 Hunting Humans
106 Wolf To The Moon
107 Difficult To Cure
108 Keyboard Solo
109 Still I’m Sad
110 Drum Solo
111 Man On The Silver Mountain
112 Temple Of The King
201 Black Masquerade
202 Guitar Solo
203 Ariel
204 Since You Been Gone
205 Perfect Strangers
206 Greensleeves
207 Waltzing Matilda
208 Hall Of The Mountain King
209 Sweet Home
210 Burn
211 Over The Rainbow

Artwork included.

Download from FileFactory:


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About The Recent Black Sabbath Poll

I have “hidden” the poll, but I thought I would share the results from the poll.

poll results

I cannot, of course, conjure more bootlegs out of thin air… But I do have more Ronnie James Dio era Sabbath to share, and there are more bootlegs I can acquire (primarily from 1992).

It is very useful to know that 1970s Sabbath is of interest to many people. That is an era for which I do not yet own many bootlegs, but where there are a lot that I can still acquire.

I do really enjoy the Tony Martin period. So, like it or not, you will see a lot more Tony Martin here 🙂

I have to say, it was no surprise to see that the post Tony Martin-era is the least interesting to my audience!