A Few New Arrivals…

New arrivals today in my mailbox…

  • Deep Purple – Definitive Nagoya 1975 (Calm & Storm)
  • Michael Schenker – Apocalypse (XAVEL – 2 CD + 2 DVD)
  • Black Sabbath – First Tyr (Power Gate)
  • Black Sabbath – Tyr UK (Shades)
  • And four recent Shades releases of 1970s Black Sabbath…

Update On Use Of Mega.nz

Just a quick update:

  • There are still a LOT of dead mega.nz links on my site. I will gradually clean these up. But I admit I am more focused on posting new content.
  • I am about to begin using a new mega.nz account(s)–but only for sharing DVDs. Also, Whitesnake appears to be a “hot” band for 3rd parties reporting file sharings. No Whitesnake will be shared on mega.nz, at least in the short term.

I am about to post a 1996 Deep Purple pro-shot DVD on mega. Enjoy!

Attempting to use mega.nz again is an experiment, at this point.

New Arrivals…

New additions to my collection arrived in my mailbox today! The two Black Sabbath sets are new releases from Zodiac. The Deep Purple Philadelphia 1991 set is a new Darker Than Blue release. The DIO Gothenburg 1984 set is also a new release (from Shades).

Among the Michael Schenker bootlegs are three 2018 shows from Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

I will begin posting these in the near future.


Obviously, I have a very large backlog of Rainbow bootlegs to post. My backlog of Deep Purple is similarly large (though I have some new bootlegs on order).

But I would welcome any requests for Black Sabbath, DIO, Whitesnake, Michael Schenker, and Ozzy Osbourne. I am considering what to order next 🙂

Feel free to make any requests in the comments. If I already have the bootleg(s), I will post them soon. If I don’t, I will look into acquiring them, if possible. (Note: I don’t have access to any more relevant XAVEL–to my regret. I would like to get their 2018 Michael Schenker releases.)

A Pause in New Uploads

Just to let everyone know, I will take a few days off from new postings of bootlegs. I am going to be working to clean up and remove the (now dead) mega.nz links on the site. As well, I will be checking for dead FileFactory links. I know of at least two bootlegs that were also taken down by FileFactory.

There will also be a new naming convention for the .rar files. The files names will be four digit numbers, with the “.rar” suffix. This is an experiment, and one that I am skeptical will actually help. But we’ll see. The new naming convention will apply to new uploads only (including replacing “removed files”).

I have just replaced a file that had been taken down by FileFactory, with a new .rar file following this convention. And now I wait and see what happens to the new link over the course of the next two weeks.

Short Term Plans…

During the last week, I have posted ten Michael Schenker bootlegs, adding additional artist to site…

Next, I plan to focus on posting Whitesnake and solo Ozzy Osbourne… I want to post ten Whitesnake bootlegs and at least four or five Ozzy bootlegs. Maybe some more Heaven And Hell, during this time period (the next two weeks), too…

After that, I will return to posting more of mix of artists, but especially more Deep Purple, Rainbow and Black Sabbath… For those who are really only interested in these three, please be patient 🙂 !!!