Short Term Plans…

During the last week, I have posted ten Michael Schenker bootlegs, adding additional artist to site…

Next, I plan to focus on posting Whitesnake and solo Ozzy Osbourne… I want to post ten Whitesnake bootlegs and at least four or five Ozzy bootlegs. Maybe some more Heaven And Hell, during this time period (the next two weeks), too…

After that, I will return to posting more of mix of artists, but especially more Deep Purple, Rainbow and Black Sabbath… For those who are really only interested in these three, please be patient 🙂 !!!

DIO 1990-08-21&22 Wild Nights (Zodiac)

The Ritz
New York City, NY

Wild Nights
Zodiac 047

Audience recordings

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Intro
102 Wild One
103 Children Of The Sea
104 Man On The Silver Mountain
105 Tarot Woman – Keyboard Solo
106 Stargazer
107 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
108 Born On The Sun
109 Stand Up And Shout
110 Why Are They Watching Me – Guitar Solo
201 Don’t Talk To Strangers
202 Lock Up The Wolves
203 Hey Angel
204 The Last In Line
205 Heaven And Hell
206 Rainbow In The Dark
207 Egypt (The Chains Are On)
208 Holy Diver
209 We Rock

301 Intro
302 Wild One
303 Children Of The Sea
304 Man On The Silver Mountain
305 Tarot Woman – Keyboard Solo
306 Stargazer
307 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
308 Born On The Sun
309 Stand Up And Shout
310 Why Are They Watching Me – Guitar Solo
311 Don’t Talk To Strangers
401 Lock Up The Wolves
402 Hey Angel
403 The Last In Line
404 Heaven And Hell
405 Rainbow In The Dark
406 Egypt (The Chains Are On)
407 Holy Diver
408 We Rock

Artwork included.

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Download from!b0dzSAyK!fWEDd7cECXTeT88ZZKlv1ddL-_cb6oIFrP1ObORdMSQ


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Black Sabbath 1992-09-05 Birmingham God (Shades)

Black Sabbath
Birmingham NEC
Birmingham, UK

Birmingham God
Shades 258

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 E5150
102 The Mob Rules
103 Computer God
104 Children Of The Sea
105 Time Machine
106 War Pigs
107 I
108 Die Young
109 Guitar Solo – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
110 Black Sabbath
201 Master Of Insanity
202 After All (The Dead)
203 Drums Solo
204 Iron Man
205 Heaven And Hell
206 Neon Knights
207 Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)

208 Into The Void – Guitar Check
209 Guitar Check – Lonely Is The Word – Country Girl
210 Sweet Leaf – Guitar Check
211 Danger Zone – Base Check
212 Burned Alive – Computer God Intro – Guitar Check
213 Glory Ride – Guitar, Bass And Drums Check

Artwork included.

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Download from!Go9yzaqa!COClqWBTKkuuefIyF9Kw2_nLCqDBcoMNDcrYo03zNB8


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Rainbow 1995-11-23 Too Late For Tears (Shades)

Tokyo NK Hall
Chiba, Japan

Too Late For Tears
The Final Concert In Japan
Shades 534

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 BGM (Jethro Tull)
102 The Land Of Hope And Glory
103 Over The Rainbow
104 Too Late For Tears
105 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
106 Hunting Humans
107 Smoke On The Water
108 Wolf To The Moon
109 Difficult To Cure
110 Keyboard Solo
111 Still I’m Sad
112 Drum Solo
113 Man On The Silver Mountain
114 Temple Of The King
115 Black Masquerade
201 Ariel
202 Since You Been Gone
203 Perfect Strangers
204 Farewell Song – Waltzing Matilda
205 Hall Of The Mountain King
206 Greensleeves
207 Burn
208 Maybe Next Time
209 Street Of Dreams
210 Vocal Improvisation
211 Love Hurts
212 Over The Rainbow

Artwork included.

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Download from!qw8y0S5R!b2tQzcBuU3ZMJfuZeIra4kbY-uNyrCkOT6dHqMyawfE


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The Future — 2019

Just a few comments about my plans for “Purple Hippies” in 2019:

  • The primary focus will continue to be Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath; I still have a significant collection of new bootlegs to share here
  • I have a (growing) collection of Blackmore’s Night, DIO, and Heaven And Hell bootlegs which I will be posting.
  • I am also planning to share new bootlegs of Whitesnake, (solo) Ozzy Osbourne, and Michael Schenker (and his various bands).

Early in the new year, I will post some photos of the collections of bootlegs that are “in the queue” for posting in 2019…

“Us And Them”

Most of my focus is on sharing rips of commercial bootlegs that I, *personally*, own… Often, I admit, I am tempted to say, that I am *only* going to share such bootlegs (those I actually own). But, as soon as I think that, I realize that there are bootlegs that I would still like to share here, that I’ve downloaded from other sites.

You will always be able to distinguish between bootlegs which I own, vs. ones where I am reposting. First, bootlegs are I own are categorized as part of “My Personal Collection”. Second, bootlegs which I own include the text ‘Shared by “J.B.” / doom43 / dance1102 on‘ in the post.

Equally, I am not really fussed about whether someone else has already shared the bootlegs that I own. If I am sharing something categorized as part of “My Personal Collection”, it is in fact, a fresh rip&scan from a bootleg I actually own. Where someone else has already shared such bootlegs, my post may simply be a duplicate of what is available elsewhere, or perhaps an “upgrade” of artwork, for a bootleg available elsewhere. (But, to reiterate, anything categorized as part of “My Personal Collection” is a fresh rip from CDs which I own.)

[I guess I should also state that I have not edited the bootlegs I am sharing in any way.]

Lastly, I would like to state (again), my “policy” on sharing my bootlegs on other sites: you are *absolutely* welcome to do so. I don’t place any requirements on sharing my sources elesewhere. It is nice if you preserve the information on lineage (and credit my site)–but is certainly not “required”.

Sharing Purple Hippies Sources On Other Sites/Mailing Lists

I noticed that a couple of the Black Sabbath bootleg rips (“Lonely Is The Word” and “Heaven And Hell In Spectrum”) from Purple Hippies were shared on DIME today.

I thought would take a moment to state my “policy” on sharing my bootleg rips elsewhere. It is very simple: Feel free to share these bootlegs anywhere!!

Quite seriously, it makes me happy to see the bootlegs I share here reach a larger audience.

I do not require that credit be given to me or Nor am I fussy about preserving lineage information (I.e. that EZ CD Audio Converter was used to rip the CDs/CD-Rs). Both are nice to do, but I am ok either way.

To repeat: Feel free to share these bootlegs anywhere!! I am glad to have these bootlegs be shared in other forums, where they can reach a larger audience.


I am now (beginning with Black Sabbath 1981-11-19 Canadian Assault) including the results of a (very) basic test for lossiness in the download bundle (.rar file). Specifically, I am using Traders Little Helper (TLH) to test for CDDA vs. MPEG. This is included as a screenshot file, named “TLH test.png”.

For bootlegs where I physically own the actual bootleg (whether CD or CD-R), I rip directly to FLAC5, and do not in anyway modify the transferred recording. However, we all know that some bootlegs are lossy sourced.

I am making this change (the addition of the TLH screenshot) primarily so that I, myself, can have some sense of how likely the bootleg is to be truly lossless. Also, perhaps others will wish to be aware of this information.

I know that this is an extremely basic test only–not as good as a spectral analysis (or whatever else)… But hopefully this is of some value, compared to not providing any information on lossless vs. lossiness of each bootleg.

On a related note: I have a number of Ian Gillan-era Black Sabbath (1983-1984) commerical bootlegs that I am beginning to post. It is disappointing that most (all?) of these bootlegs are lossy 🙁