Unfortunately, the last two months of the year have turned out to be very busy for me with *work*–i.e. my professional activities that pay for the purchase of bootlegs, the blog, and filefactory storage–and, of course, which allow for my *time* to do postings of new bootlegs here.

In three to four weeks, I expect to be able to resume posting here at Purple Hippies, on a more regular basis.

Black Sabbath 2013-12-10 Triumphal Celebration (no label)

Black Sabbath
O2 Arena
London, UK

Triumphal Celebration
no label

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Intro
102 War Pigs
103 Into The Void
104 Under The Sun
105 Snowblind
106 Age Of Reason
107 Black Sabbath
108 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
109 Bassically – N.I.B.
110 The End Of The Beginning
201 Fairies Wear Boots
202 Rat Salad
203 Drums Solo
204 Iron Man
205 God Is Dead?
206 Dirty Women
207 Children Of The Grave
208 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – Paranoid
209 Outro (Zeitgeist)

Artwork included.

Download from FileFactory:


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Deep Purple 1973-02-21 Birmingham 1973 (Darker Than Blue)

Deep Purple
Town Hall
Birmingham, UK

Birmingham 1973
Darker Than Blue (DTB 134)

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 Intro
02 Highway Star
03 Smoke On The Water
04 Strange Kind Of Woman
05 Mary Long
06 Keyboard Solo – Lazy
07 Drum Solo – The Mule
08 Space Truckin’
09 Black Night

Artwork included.

Download from FileFactory:


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All DVD Links Are Dead

For those who may have missed my earlier post regarding mega.nz links, I wanted to be more explicit:

All DVD links are currently dead. It will take a while to re-upload the DVDs, either to FileFactory or to new mega.nz accounts.

There will also be a delay, while I decide on my “next” strategy for sharing DVDs here. I appreciate the speed of mega.nz downloads and uploads when I post DVDs. But the frequency with which recordings get “taken down” for alleged copyright infringement is frustrating–especially since the items in question are *not* official releases. Also, five “take down” notices on a mega.nz account results in that account being deactivated. Since I pay, both for ample storage space and no restrictions on file transfers (up or down)–losing an account means losing the cost of the remainder of my “PRO” subscription.

For now, I am going to focus on sharing new CD bootlegs… 🙂

Here We Go Again (the Mega links)…

I have just deleted all Purple Hippies-related mega.nz links in my current mega account. One of the DVD sources (a Black Sabbath DVD) was taken down. I have not yet removed the links on the Purple Hippies web site, but will do so as quickly as I can.

I hope to put the DVDs back up, in the near future. Likely I will try using numerical file names, as I have done for the audio sources that are on FileFactory.

I have pro-actively deleted the public Purple Hippies links in my mega.nz account, as I want to protect the account from getting suspended. I am using this account to privately share almost 2 TB of non-Purple bootlegs — and I don’t want to jeopardize that project.

A Side Project

During the last few weeks I’ve been working on a side project, collecting Rush DVD and BluRay sources, which I will be sharing (in a private group) on my mega cloud drive.

During the phase of downloading new DVDs, it was easy to multi-task. But this week I have been focused on *uploading* these sources to mega.nz. This kind of monopolizes both my primary computer and my internet connection.

I am nearing the end of this Rush project, and will resume regularly posting bootlegs here early next week.


Just a few comments:

  1. I am currently working on posting Black Sabbath Europe Crossing (Lost And Found) — a pair of 1989 concerts. (I’ve been doing other things this weekend — see later comment — and so haven’t finished this yet ;))
  2. Multiple people have requested various Ozzy bootlegs (especially the two Zodiac SBD bootlegs)… I will bump these up in my queue — and work on posting them later this week.
  3. I have acquired six XAVEL Michael Schenker bootlegs, which I think are new, compared to what is already available on DIME/Guitars101.
  4. Sometimes when I am quiet, it is because I am working on downloading additions to my own personal music collection from other sites… Right now, I am adding to my Rush collection! (Which also means — that is what I am listening to right now…) This has nothing to do with my blogging — I am just a long time Prog Rock fan.

And don’t worry — I will be back here soon with new posts!

A Checkpoint…

I consider Purple Hippies to be “my calling”, and this will continue to be my focus. PurpleHippies.com is a true ‘labor of love’.

The “real world” has not permitted me, post-vacation, to post with the same frequency as I would like (and as I have done in this past). But I will continue to post here, as I have time. And I am trying to make more time available to work on posting here.

At this point, I consider both “ZOSO.me” and “SpinsterBootlegs.com” to be ‘on hold’. I do have a significant number of commercial bootlegs relevant to these sites–and I will eventually post that material somewhere (whether on a blog, at DIME, or Guitars101)…

I have previously announced a Pink Floyd-focused collaboration. That project has long since died. I admit, I do my best work “solo” — the attempt at working with a group simple did not work out.

One last note: when I first began Purple Hippies, it is true, I posted a good deal of material that I had downloaded from other sites. But at this point, I would like to state explicitly, that going forward, I will only be posting bootlegs here which I physically own. I appreciate the offers from others to share bootlegs with me, but I really feel that the value of my site is in its focus on sharing only bootlegs which I actually own.