All DVD Links Are Dead

For those who may have missed my earlier post regarding links, I wanted to be more explicit:

All DVD links are currently dead. It will take a while to re-upload the DVDs, either to FileFactory or to new accounts.

There will also be a delay, while I decide on my “next” strategy for sharing DVDs here. I appreciate the speed of downloads and uploads when I post DVDs. But the frequency with which recordings get “taken down” for alleged copyright infringement is frustrating–especially since the items in question are *not* official releases. Also, five “take down” notices on a account results in that account being deactivated. Since I pay, both for ample storage space and no restrictions on file transfers (up or down)–losing an account means losing the cost of the remainder of my “PRO” subscription.

For now, I am going to focus on sharing new CD bootlegs… 🙂

Here We Go Again (the Mega links)…

I have just deleted all Purple Hippies-related links in my current mega account. One of the DVD sources (a Black Sabbath DVD) was taken down. I have not yet removed the links on the Purple Hippies web site, but will do so as quickly as I can.

I hope to put the DVDs back up, in the near future. Likely I will try using numerical file names, as I have done for the audio sources that are on FileFactory.

I have pro-actively deleted the public Purple Hippies links in my account, as I want to protect the account from getting suspended. I am using this account to privately share almost 2 TB of non-Purple bootlegs — and I don’t want to jeopardize that project.

A Side Project

During the last few weeks I’ve been working on a side project, collecting Rush DVD and BluRay sources, which I will be sharing (in a private group) on my mega cloud drive.

During the phase of downloading new DVDs, it was easy to multi-task. But this week I have been focused on *uploading* these sources to This kind of monopolizes both my primary computer and my internet connection.

I am nearing the end of this Rush project, and will resume regularly posting bootlegs here early next week.


Just a few comments:

  1. I am currently working on posting Black Sabbath Europe Crossing (Lost And Found) — a pair of 1989 concerts. (I’ve been doing other things this weekend — see later comment — and so haven’t finished this yet ;))
  2. Multiple people have requested various Ozzy bootlegs (especially the two Zodiac SBD bootlegs)… I will bump these up in my queue — and work on posting them later this week.
  3. I have acquired six XAVEL Michael Schenker bootlegs, which I think are new, compared to what is already available on DIME/Guitars101.
  4. Sometimes when I am quiet, it is because I am working on downloading additions to my own personal music collection from other sites… Right now, I am adding to my Rush collection! (Which also means — that is what I am listening to right now…) This has nothing to do with my blogging — I am just a long time Prog Rock fan.

And don’t worry — I will be back here soon with new posts!

A Checkpoint…

I consider Purple Hippies to be “my calling”, and this will continue to be my focus. is a true ‘labor of love’.

The “real world” has not permitted me, post-vacation, to post with the same frequency as I would like (and as I have done in this past). But I will continue to post here, as I have time. And I am trying to make more time available to work on posting here.

At this point, I consider both “” and “” to be ‘on hold’. I do have a significant number of commercial bootlegs relevant to these sites–and I will eventually post that material somewhere (whether on a blog, at DIME, or Guitars101)…

I have previously announced a Pink Floyd-focused collaboration. That project has long since died. I admit, I do my best work “solo” — the attempt at working with a group simple did not work out.

One last note: when I first began Purple Hippies, it is true, I posted a good deal of material that I had downloaded from other sites. But at this point, I would like to state explicitly, that going forward, I will only be posting bootlegs here which I physically own. I appreciate the offers from others to share bootlegs with me, but I really feel that the value of my site is in its focus on sharing only bootlegs which I actually own.

Some new arrivals…

A new Darker Than Blue release of Deep Purple in Osaka in 1985. Two Zodiac Heaven And Hell bootlegs; a Zodiac version of Black Sabbath’s 2013 OzzFest concert in Japan. These four bootlegs are ‘brand new’.

Two Rainbow releases of 1980s concerts; two Black Box Rainbow bootlegs Of 2018 & 2019 concerts. Two 89-90 Sabbath boots on Lost And Found…

I will start posting these soon…

Summer Vacation

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! As you can all see, I am spending less time online. Perhaps even less than I expected — but earlier in June, I pretty much suspended all “quotas” about how frequently I would post new bootlegs.

For those who may be interested, I am enjoying ice skating this summer. While that may seem strange as a summertime activity, in the southwest United States (where I live), *indoor* ice skating is quite popular. I have been enjoying skating with several friends 4-5 nights a week!!!

The ‘soft opening’ of

I am launching a new blog for non-Purple bootlegs:

This is a “soft opening” announcement (as they would say in the restaurant industry)–so far there are only two bootlegs posted. Most days of the week, I will be posting at least one bootleg there.

It is likely that Michael Schenker and solo Ozzy Osbourne bootlegs will move to SpinsterBootlegs…

In the near term, I plan to post weekly “digest” posts here on PurpleHippies, listing links to new bootlegs posted on SpinsterBootlegs.